Portfolio > In A Moment Of Crossroads

This body of work is part of an on-going series I have created as of this year in light of the protests and action supporting social & equal justice. Many of the individual protestors are captured by myself in the moment of protests I have attended throughout NYC. And though we in NYC (as well as a country) live in times we have to be cautious during the covid-19 pandemic, I feel it is more important to vocalize the concerns of systemic racism in America. Sparked by the Black Lives Matter movement that began in the last decade and shining bright in current times, we have to make sure there is equal rights not only to blacks, but to the LGBTQ community as well in this country. This pivotal moment that has not only captivated people of all sexes and cultural background to take action, but also movements around the globe to protest their own concerns with police brutality and inequality. It is a global moment and march in solidarity that Black Lives Matter, which I hope transcends to action towards a more progressive country.