• Out of My Shell, Updated Site

    I have been Missing In Action when it comes to updating the website. I finally got my act together, changed a few things, and added more recent images.

    2018 was a bit of a slow year compared to 2017. Fewer shows, though still was selected for a couple of group shows. And I started working on broader subject matter with my work. Now it is focusing to make 2019 a more productive year.

    Stay tuned...

  • "Trumpocalypse: What Now?" Anti-Inauguration Art Event @ Sacred Gallery : 01/20/17

    "Trumpocalypse: What Now?" Anti-Inauguration Art Event @ Sacred Gallery : 01/20/17

    From the Christmas holiday to January 20, it has been a bit of a busy month for me. I proposed an idea to a friend of mine the idea of hosting a group political art show commenting on the election of President Trump (whether it was the election itself, or a prediction of what is to come). We worked to put together "Trumpocalypse: What Now?" The end result is having over 20 artists with participating in this special art event. It's a fun show to see in person. Participating artists include:

    Adam Hays
    Andrew Wohl
    Barbara Lekus
    Bart Vargas
    Brandi Merolla
    Brandin Baron
    Brenda Oelbaum
    Christian Hooker
    Elana Goren
    Gary Duehr
    Hal Hefner
    Heath Kane
    Jeremy Townsend
    Mark Bryan
    Matt Comeau
    Nathaniel Shannon
    Pinky Weber
    Robbie Conal
    Stephen Fredericks
    Sean Gallagher
    Seung-Jong Lee
    Todd Kale

    These artists really helped bring my vision together for what I wanted of "Trumpocalypse: What Now?" And to note, by popular demand, this event that was a one-night-only show is now extended to be displayed at the end of the month. So check it out at Sacred Gallery before it is too late.

    - Dan

  • Where We Are Now America:

    Where We Are Now America:

    An open letter and thought to what happened on Nov 8:

    I tried to stay up as late as I could last night to see the results of last night's election. Unfortunately, I could not stay up to see the final results. But what I saw and witnessed is the constant thought "How can all of this happen?"

    The reality is did the term "democracy" work? My answer is yes. No matter what the results are, democracy did work. And despite disagreements, people expressing the right to vote is a right everyone should cherish. I just hope that voting rights were not violated, or if there are missing vote counts, or "rigging" occurred.

    It's just democracy worked in the way that many would not see coming, including myself. And it is in the direction that is anti-progressive. It is in a direction that reveals that we are still segregated, still sexist, and against expressing the freedom of religion. It is in the direction that everyone cannot "love" each other unless it is in the written "Christian" ideology. It is in the direction that takes us backwards from the global opinion versus moving forward. It is in a direction that greener environment movements are now threatened.

    What last night revealed is that there are folks that think the same way the Brexit and the Australian vote of Tony Abbott are "good ideas". What it also reveals is that many individuals does not accept the facts and hindsight of how presidential candidates should appear to be, and we elect someone who has no experience, no true plans on how to run this country aside from repealing health care, cut taxes and build a wall. No true plans on how he will make things better within America, or how the world can even favor America under his foreign policies.

    We are now in a state of mind that someone like myself is fearing the threat of freedom of speech and freedom of press. I am fearful of many immigrants who want to contribute to this country will soon be forced out. I am fearful of the poor that want to be taken care of will be kicked to the curb by the repealing of the ACA. I am fearful of every minority member that want equal rights will be looked down upon and be placed back to life before 1965. I am fearful that for those who want marriage equality are now feeling discriminated.

    This is what we have to deal with now. This is who "America" elected. I can only end with this:

    Thank you Mainstream Media for not doing your fucking job by not informing the public how this man is unfit for president, giving this man all the free air time for ratings and in the end, giving him a spot light to come to this stage.

    Thank you the fellow Republican Conservative establishment for having your tail stuck between your legs and not being able to take down this man in the primaries and in the end, support this man while crawling on your knees. Because of you, you allowed an inexperienced narcissist to now be a leader of the free country.

    Thank you the Democratic party for not giving Bernie Sanders the equal chance and unbiased view that prevented him for possibly be the primary candidate. If the general public expressed their opinions, Bernie Sanders would be our President. And unfortunately, many of these "Bernie Bros" ended up voting for 3rd party candidates who are just as unfit for this role as the man elected today.

    And thank you the entire "establishment" for fucking this up. If you listened to the people, we would have had more qualified candidates from both parties and would not have had an ugly election like this one.

    Because right now, we elected not only a Narcissist, but a Fascist. A Democratic country that I thought were moving forward...just elected a Fascist. And I do not know what will happen to our future of America. But I hope that reality kicks in and realizes this was a mistake.

  • Back From The Dead (...More Like From my Cave)

    I know that things have not been updated here for a little while. But a couple of years ago, I have stepped away from art in general. I was consumed by many various events and situations that have delayed my creativity. This year has changed all of that.

    The many reasons why I have been more active with my art is due to what has occurred since June of 2015. With the events occurring all over the globe, soaking in what is happening around the globe, I have decided to focus more on my political art versus the art that goes outside this subject matter.

    By making time to create this, it opened the idea that aside from drawing, I should also make prints. So for the first time in a long time, the screen, ink and a squeegee were tools to produce new work. And it feels good.

    Now this site is modified. New portfolios are created on this link for you to enjoy. A lot of things can change and occur in the road ahead. But for now, there is light and a fuel to create works that not only have meaning, but hope finds humor for you the viewer to enjoy.

    - Dan

  • Interview with Suzanne Zhang and Rooms Magazine!! : 08/12/13

    Hello everyone.

    I know I am a bit slow on posting new things. But I have been working on some new drawings you can find in my portfolio page, as well as Facebook.

    But some bigger news to share is the my interview with Rooms Magazine (based from the UK)! I had the luxury to meet Suzanne Zhang, a talented writer based in London, a few weeks ago; and after some e-mail exchanges, she swung by for a studio visit, and had a lot of fun doing the interview. We both enjoyed our discussion about my art, and shared plenty of laughs as she asked me about the art world today, the question of art being elitist, and how television can replace religion.

    You can read the interview here (which is part of her online journal blog as she travels across the country):

    On The Road With Suzanne Zhang

    Hope you enjoy the interview! And much thanks to Suzanne Zhang for doing a great job!

  • A Long Belated Happy 2013, And A Few Changes to the website... 03/21/13

    Hello everyone.

    It has been a really long time since I have provided any news on the site, or making any updates to add to my page for that matter.

    But for the past 4-5 months, I have been enjoying the winter holidays and celebrating the New Year.

    So, after looking at the site recently, I had to make some changes. As you might see, new template is on board, a new link directing you to my Facebook page, and a new portfolio section is added so you can see my drawings.

    So from this point, I hope to be more active with not only my art, but providing updates on the website.

    So...Happy 2013 folks!

    - Dan

  • Art of Democracy Group Exhibition November 3rd!! : 10/22/2012

    Hey folks.

    It has been an extremely long time since I last posted any news for quite a while here. And during this time, I have taken a step away from the website, a bit from my art, and enjoy things in life for a bit here.

    But recently, I found out one of my paintings (Americanization II: Apple) got selected to be part of the Art of Democracy exhibition at Sacred Gallery on November 3rd!!

    This is organized by the New York Society of Etchers, and Marshall Arisman is curating this exhibition.

    A whole bunch of artists are involved in this show. If you are around the NYC area, check out this exhibition. And be part of the party in light of the upcoming Presidential Election November 8th!!

    Art of Democracy Group Exhibition At Sacred Gallery

  • GLAAD OutAuction and some other updates: 11/17/11:

    Hey everyone,

    I know I've been slow on providing updates here and there...and I do apologize. But things have been a bit busy here and there. But with that:

    I will be participating in this year's GLAAD OutAuction. This year is GLAAD's 10th year hosting this gala event. And I will say that it is an honor that I submitted my painting The Solution, which GLAAD happily accepted.

    This event occurs this coming Sunday, November 20th. And looking at the guests and host committee, it looks like a lot of fun! Here is the link with all the information:

    GLAAD OutAuction

    OutAuction Facebook Invite

    To add along with that, check out my Blog updates! Some recent additions to the link. And..new painting almost dine. Will be posted on the website soon.


    - Dan

  • Miniprint International in Cadaques Spain! (and other things) - 6/25/11

    Hello friends.

    This evening, in Cadaques, Spain, I have a set of 4 prints on display at the 31st Miniprint International in Cadaques, Spain. These 4 prints (also on the site) are Glowing Heart , Third Eye , Blind Senses , and Seeing With Clarity .

    This exhibition includes hundreds (and hundreds) of artist around the globe. The opening reception starts at 6 pm (which is around now, this time). And will be on display in Cadaques from June 25 all the way through September.

    With that, the exhibition will also visit Wingfield in the UK, Girona, Spain, and Bages, France!

    Here is the link with all the details of the show:

    31st Miniprint International, Spain

    To go with this, some new prints uploaded into the screenprints portfolio coming. Gaga-Donna is already there. Another one to post soon: All You Need Is Love . And more.

    Stay tuned.


  • Japan Tsunami Relief Print and Benefit Show @ Sacred Gallery NYC May 5th - 05/03/11

    Hello all. A news update on a print I just created for the Japan Tsnuami Relief.

    Just posted this print in the "screenprints" section. Called "Japan - Always In Our Hearts". This print is an edition of 20. One print is handed off for the Japan Tsnuami Relief Benefit show at Sacred Gallery on Thursday, May 5th, 2011. The rest are on sale here. Proceeds will be sent over to Red Cross and/or Doctors Without Borders for the Japan Tsunami relief.

    And if you are around the NYC area this, visit Sacred Gallery this Thursday, May 5th for one night. From 8-10 pm. Over 100 artists involved. All pieces for $200 or less. Located at 424 Broadway, on the corner of Broadway and Canal.

    Be part of the cause!

  • Some Updates for 2011 - 04/02/11

    So...today is the first day (or two) of April. That means Spring should be blooming around soon, which we are not getting in New York at this moment. Thanks Punxsutawney Phil for that prediction.

    And it means that I should become more active on providing updates...new works, etc. So all of that is coming, starting now.

    New screenprints uploaded to the site. Two brightful prints. Both inspired from my latest trip to Australia. More like this to come.

    Keep an eye on a set of prints as well to be loaded on the website. Part of a juried competition I submitted in Spain. Awaiting to hear if I get in..but that won't be for another two months.

    Also in the works: possibly print donation to a benefit show. When everything is set, I will send information when and where to be part of a good cause.

    More blog updates...possible facebook updates to come.

    And for the record, while listening to the new Foo Fighters album...must buy. It's rockin'!

  • What The Hell Has Been Happening the Past Couple of Months... - 02/22/11

    So I realized I haven't made any updates in a really, really long time on this website. And through it all...a lot has happened. Not much art wise, but many other things.

    First off, the holidays were wonderful, catching up with family out in Minnesota, and the New Year is starting off great.

    Second, I am about to return to New York from Melbourne, Australia. I spent roughly two weeks with my girlfriend here, and I've had such a wonderful time together that it feels weird leaving here.

    And finally, art things. I last left off with two projects that I was due to be part of. And both projects fell through. The fresh new print for the exchange with Wheat Farm Press in New Hampshire was finished before the Christmas month. And 11 people turned out happy with the print I contributed.

    And the sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project 2011 was handed over just in time before the deadline. Mine, as well as over 28,000 artists from 94 countries will be showing their creative books to the public. Mine is based on "Help!" with the concept of American Society. The kick-off started already in Brooklyn, but be sure to check out all the other US dates posted here:

    Sketchbook Project 2011 Tour

    Found a lot of influences along the way here in Australia. Sure to bring some of it back in New York when I land with hopefully bigger things to come with my art.



  • A Long Break...Followed by 2 Projects - 12/01/10

    It's been ages since I've posted a new update. And over the past couple of months, I've been giving myself a bit of a break from art. But now that I have enjoyed the fall weather here in New York, as well as stuff my stomach full of Thanksgiving goodness, I am back at creating art.

    First: I got involved in a print exchange project with a press company in New Hamsphire. For the first time, Wheat Farm Press is allowing printmakers a chance to be involved with an international print exchange. I volunteered to donate an edition. And with that came to the result of the "Mind Searching". This edition of 11 will go to 11 other lucky artists, as I wait for my edition of 11 in return. I hope the response of this project is great. And look forward to my own little collection of prints.

    Second: The Sketchbook Project. This one will keep my hands and mind busy as I need to fill out 80 pages of art by next month. And this is going to be HUGE! Thousands of artists involved, a multi-city tour across America, multiple themes, and I chose one that I thought would fit my interests. I really got to start cranking the wheels here in my mind. And hope I create a sketchbook that draws attention. More details of this project can be seen here:


    Cheers, and Happy December!

  • Wall To Wall Charity Art Show September 25th, 2010 - 09/20/10

    So to add along with the 1Op Collective group show, I will also be part of a charity art show in Newark around the same week/weekend. Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of this event, the Wall to Wall benefit show will feature two prints by myself, as well as fellow 1Op Collective artist Lauren Smith and Beth Lungaro.

    This show will be part of the Newark Open Doors 2010 festivities, which is happening this weekend. All donations for attending this show will go to cWOW's youth education programs. And to go along with this, the gallery is honoring artist Chakaia Booker, Donald M. Payne Jr., and Mary Puryear.

    The event reception is on September 25, from 6-9 pm. Charity tickets can be purchased for $50 (to be a guest, no artwork included), or $200 to be included in the art raffle during the event. The link on details can be looked at here:

    Wall to Wall Benefit

    If you're around the Newark area for this, as well as the 1Op Collective group show, this show is going for a good cause: for the kids learning art. Help this gallery out.


  • 1Op Collective Group Show at 33 Expo, Newark, NJ September 23 Reception - 09/16/10

    Some of may, or may not, know of an art group I am part of called 1Op Collective. If you have checked my friends link, you will see this group posted on the site. We're a group of young artists trying to make a good name for ourselves with the art community around the NY/NJ area.

    For the first time, we're showing off our artistic skills to the public. As part of the 33 Expo in Newark, New Jersey, 1Op Collective, as well as hundreds of other artists, will be on display the 3rd floor at 33 Washington Street. I will have 4 of my prints on display, sharing a wall with Nick Colbert. Also on display will be the fellow 1Op leaders Lauren Smith and Nicole Helen Brunner, and fellow members Beth Lungaro, Michael Sullivan , Harry J Good, Jason Zabriske, and many more.

    The opening reception will be on September 23 at 33 Washington Street, 3rd Floor, from 7 pm until we stop the party music. Another reception will also be held on September 26 from 12-6 pm. If you are close by the Newark or New Jersey area, definitely come by and check this show out.

    Facebook info on the event can be seen here:

    1Op Collective e-vite

    - Dan

  • Another New "BP Print" in the Series...

    Just finished a 3rd print to go along my series based on the BP oil incident. Called Hayward's Dirty Way Out. So far, I have received some nice comments from the studio. Hope you enjoy the new print as well. Edition of 24 (12 white and 12 green).

    To find photos of the process, check out the blog:

    Dan's Notes

  • Sacred Gallery Wrap Up and Upcoming Stuff - 09/09/10

    Hey folks,

    First off, those who came to the Sacred Gallery "Protest vs. Propaganda" group opening reception: a much, much thank you from the bottom of my heart for attending the reception. It means a lot for those who visited the gallery and viewed my works, as well as the other artists. It was an absolute blast. And I have to thank again Sacred Gallery for letting me be part of this show.

    Second, More updates in regards to shows this month will be coming soon. Both will be in the Newark, NJ area. When I have the time and have everything in order, I will post the details here on both shows. So everyone in the NJ area, keep your eyes peeled on this one.

    Otherwise, check out the blog for any random & new posts (maybe photos from the reception...hmmm??)

    - Dan

  • "Protest vs. Propoganda" Group Expo Sacred Gallery NYC September 4-24 - 8/26/10

    So over the past few weeks, I've been working on a few new prints that were based on the BP oil spill. Just so happens that they will be on display in NYC next week.

    On September 4, 2010, Sacred Gallery will have this political exhibition, featuring my two latest BP prints. With much thanks for the gallery to let me be part of this show, the reception on the 4th should be a blast. The gallery is located at an awesome spot (on Broadway off Canal), and also runs as a tattoo parlor. As an added bonus, Shepard Fairey will also have his works on display (which I'm EXTREMELY STOKED about). Also showing will be Aidan Hughes, Max Gundy, Adam Hays, Nik Moore and Wendy Cross.

    Reception on the 4th is from 7-11:30 pm. To find out more info on the show, you can see the details either on their:

    main site - Sacred Gallery

    or facebook - Facebook e-vite

    If you're around the NYC area, hope to see you there!

  • California Open Group Exhibition @ TAG Gallery August 17-September 3, 2010 - 08/14/10

    For any of the folks hanging around the California area, I was selected to be part of a group exhibtion @ TAG Gallery over in Santa, Monica, California.

    The show runs from August 17-September 3, with the art reception happening August 21 from 5-8 pm.

    I am extremely happy (and grateful) to be selected and part of this group show. It's at a great location being next door to Los Angeles. And the folks @ TAG Gallery are a really nice bunch of people. They're excited of this show as much as I am.

    For more information on this show, here's the link to the gallery:

    TAG Gallery