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Kanye...the way he is with everything
Kanye West: Just Shut Up
20.25 in. x 14.75 in.
March 2008

Kanye. What can be said about him. He writes intellectual rhymes for his rapping skills. He's a great producer. And he makes some pretty good dance beats for the modern era. However, the one thing he is...is one giant cry-baby over everything. And with that, he is the biggest sore loser over the MTV music awards.

This print was depicted way before he did his rant over Taylor Swift. This was depicted over the time he said he'd "boycott MTV" for not winning a lame moonman. So with that, this is how I image Kanye. Just shut the f*ck up.

Edition of 14. Also printed on Sepia Blue, Stonehenge Beige, Tan